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Launched in 2008 by Katarina Bijlsma and Anna Lofts, Cool Galah is small, energetic bath towel company producing a range of graphic print and neutral toned towels for the Australasian residential market. Drawing inspiration from the minimal lines of contemporary architecture, the current range elegantly blends within the palette of subtle tones most favoured by the region's top interior designers.

Katarina is responsible for the designs of the Cool Galah range, she co-ordinates the photography and design of the seasonal catalogues. Her business partner is Anna Lofts, whose L&M Home company manages logistics and distribution of the Cool Galah range. Katarina Bijlsma has a background in fashion publishing and as regional Fashion & Beauty Director, was part of the team that successfully launched ELLE magazine throughout Asia.

Relocating to San Francisco in 2002, where she lives with her husband, acclaimed architectural photographer Tim Griffith, Katarina continues to travel, finding inspiration in the many different cultures across the globe. Katarina is a passionate supporter of the Twala Trust Wild Animal Sanctuary in Zimbabwe.


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